New College Prep Resources
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Monday, September 29, 2014
New ACT Prep and Scholarship websites are now available on the Guidance Page

New ACT prep and scholarship search websites have been added to the Guidance page.  To find the websites, just click on "LINKS".

School Soup

School Soup-

This is a scholarship search website similar to Fastweb.  On this site, you can not only search different nationally offered scholarships, but you can research colleges in Tennessee and other states.  School Soup also allows you to research different career path options.  Don't know what to do after high school?  This is a great place to start!


Free ACT Test Prep-

This website is a great resource for any student that needs a little extra help preparing for the ACT.  Have you taken the ACT several times and keep getting the same score?  This website has tips and prep materials such as practice tests and quizzes.  Free ACT Test Prep even gives a breakdown of how each ACT section is designed.  This can give you an advantage on test day.  


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