The cafeteria ladies work hard to provide wholesome, appetizing meals. The servings are generous and prices are low.
Four lunch shifts take care of the entire student body.   Students may eat the lunch which is served in the cafeteria or may bring their lunch from home.   Catering or having lunch delivered is not permitted.  Students entering the building may not bring fast food or drinks.

Lunch time is a normal period and is subject to the same attendance rules as a classroom.  Students are to report to the Commons during their designated lunch period and remain there until dismissed.

For Student in Grades 10 - 12 attending Lincoln County High School:
Students may charge a maximum of five (5) meals on account.  “Meals” refers to an individual breakfast and/or lunch.  Once the 5 meal maximum has been met, the student must see the Principal or his/her Designee to receive permission to charge further meals.  The student will continue to receive a reimbursable meal.  The household will be notified of the negative balance, and asked to pay.  In addition, a la carte items will not be sold to any student owing outstanding charges.




LUNCH - $2.50     BREAKFAST- $1.25

Reduced Rates for Students Who Qualify

LUNCH - $0.40        BREAKFAST- $.30


 Lunch Menu